Venue Contracts and Audio Visual

I’m often asked what questions should be asked when signing a contract with a venue, in particular as it relates to Audio Visual or Event Technology in general.  You may always contact me should you have any questions.  It is never a bad idea to consult with your preferred provider prior to signing a venue contract.  There are a few topics to which you may want detailed answers when considering your venue.

Exclusivity.  Many venues have exclusive services.  Simply ask your venue sales rep, what, if any services are considered exclusive.  For example, rigging services may be exclusive to a venue and that often can ensure high safety standards.  Sometimes the cost of the service may be considered high as a result of the venue’s standards and exclusive offering.  Getting a detailed understanding and or quote of such services prior to signing an agreement can save a lot of frustration.  Your provider should be able to provide you with a detailed rigging plan – even if you may change it closer to the date – for a detailed quote from your venue as to the cost of such services that may be used as a reference/negotiation closer to your event.

In house/preferred providers?  Ask if your venue has an in house or preferred provider.  Often they may present a discount for utilizing their preferred.



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